10 Revealing Facts That You Should Know About Illegal Drug Offenses

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We live in a prequel society that dates back hundreds or even thousands of years to our ancestors who engaged in a variety of recreational smoking activities. Some of the activities our ancestors did include using certain parts of trees that provided them with relief and ecstasy. 

The concept of drug use is not new but redefined or revolutionized over time. The only difference is all those years earlier we didn't name the substances "cocaine” or “crack" as we do now for the sake of identification and determining the type and length of the sentencing for crack and cocaine drug offenses relating to the Fair Sentencing Act. This Act stems from a widescale drug epidemic in the 1980’s when the federal government waged a war on against drugs and crack and cocaine offenses.

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Snitching – The Forbidden Bad Fruit

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“Loose lips sink ships.”

“Snitches get stitches.”

“Stop snitching”       


You may have heard these words at some point in your life. You may even be familiar with what a tattletale is. However, do you know what snitching is? Snitching is an act in where someone provides incriminating information to the police about the criminal activity of others so that the cops show leniency in punishment to the one who provided them with information. This way, the one who provided police with information avoids getting in trouble or gets in less trouble. A person who does this is called a snitch.

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