Know The Interesting Things About New York Bail Reform

Image Source: Pexels

The New York State lawmakers have been advocating for the end of cash bails after the enactment of the New York bail statute in 1971. The statute's design was to distinguish the handling of crimes in the state and the justice system in general. There is more information in this article for you to Know The Interesting Things About New York Bail Reform.


While many welcomed the idea, it enumerated the division whereby underprivileged low-income people (mostly people of color who faced going to jail) who could not afford bail or were accused of low-level crimes faced unequal treatment. It also placed a spotlight on people with mental illness. Advocates felt that focusing on resources to treat and not jail mentally ill people was crucial. Critics felt as though mentally ill people who were suspects and did not remain in jail would become repeat offenders.

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