Ten Topics Prisoners May Shoot The Sh*t About During Incarceration


Image Source: Pexels


What do you think prisoners talk about when they are incarcerated? Have you ever wondered what the conversation would be like or what it was about if you have family or loved ones who are incarcerated? Sometimes all we know about the insides of prison are what scripted films tell us or what our loved ones tell us during visits or when they come out.


The conversations between incarcerated individuals are a big part of their everyday lives and these conversations sometimes define what happens between them and others on the inside or when or if they get out. Usually, everyone hangs out with their people or tribe in prison either by race and ethnicity or by experiences, and they have conversations between themselves that spread around different topics. In this article, we will discuss Ten Topics Prisoners May Shoot The Sh*t About During Incarceration.

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