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What Is The Interesting Deal About Prisoner Civil Rights?

Going to prison means partially relinquishing your civil rights, but the United States constitution is supposed to ensure prisoner civil rights. These laws are in place to protect the rights of even the most hardened criminals and inmates who can be maltreated, punished, or abused by the system. 


The United States has the highest incarceration in the world, with a black person six times more likely to be incarcerated than a white man. It is also the only democracy in the world that has no definite body established to monitor prison conditions or the rights of the prisoner. Whether it is to be treated fairly or protect their health and safety, prisoners have rights, and it is time you knew them.

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Helpful Measures To Reduce Mass Incarceration In A Pandemic

The fight against the COVID-19 virus has shaken the world at large, affecting every aspect of our lives. The economy of the world, education, organizations, and institutions have all been put on hold, to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.


The message preached by the health organizations to help control the spread of the virus has mainly been a matter of social distancing. It has been stated that safe distancing would stop the spread of the virus, and necessitate the end of the deadly disease. The fact stated above, the world at large has been placed on lockdown in a reasonable bid to reduce social contact and spread of the disease.

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What Is The Good Impact Of Prison Recreational Activities?

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Do you know that about 2.3 million people are currently incarcerated in the United States of America? This data is generated from 102 federal correctional facilities, 1,719 state prison facilities, 942 juvenile prisons, 3,283 local incarceration facilities, and 79 county jails as well as special military incarceration facilities, immigration detention centers, and other incarceration centers in United States territories".

If this number is anything to go by, it means that a high population of our country is shut out from the rest of the world. What impact might this incarceration have on these people? We believe that although prisoners have been incarcerated for various crimes, they still deserve some recreation privileges. This blog article will discuss What Is The Good Impact of Prison Recreational Activities for inmates?

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Good And Helpful Prison Visitation Information To Know

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In the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many U.S. prisons have suspended prisoner visits by family, friends, and loved ones to prevent its transmission and spread. This measure is reported to be a very important step relating to prison visitation information as many prisons may update their visiting rules when visitation resumes, and the loved ones of inmates can see their incarcerated loved ones again.


Due to suspended visits because of COVID-19, the family, friends, and loved ones of prisoners may be feeling nervous, anxious, and concerned about the safety of their incarcerated loved ones. According to the Bureau of Prisons, measures have been implemented to protect prisoners. At some point, visitation to inmates will resume so here is information that could help you increase your chances of having a good visit.

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What Is The Surprising Scoop About Women In Prison?

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In a November 2018 report compiled by the Prison Policy Initiative, it was stated that there are approximately 219,000 incarcerated women in the United States. Despite being home to about 5% of the world’s female population, the United States is responsible for about 33% of the world’s incarcerated female population.

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Get In The Know About Illegal Prison Contraband

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Let’s start this blog article off with some commentary about the picture above to help you Get In The Know About Illegal Prison Contraband. Imagine how many cell phones and contraband got inside jails and prisons due to contraband smuggling. 

That is…before the invention and implementation of search equipment and unless contraband smugglers didn’t forget to turn off the cell phone ringers (Lol). Is there more to the story when it comes to prison contraband. You bet.

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10 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Marijuana

According to various news sources, legal marijuana sales are expected to hit over $20 billion in 2020. Various groups and individuals are calling for the feds to change their stance on the continued illegalization of marijuana at the federal level.

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Prison Slang To Know How To Relate To The Incarcerated

Ever noticed that when a group of people is hanging out with each other for a while, they create special words and phrases that make sense to no one else but them? This can happen in schools, hospitals, offices, workshops and of course, in prisons. 

You’ve probably even made some up with your friends. In this blog article, Cell Block Legendz will refer to Prison Slang To Know How To Relate To The Incarcerated. We realize that slang is used in jails as well and some slang words are universally accepted and spoken.


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11 Survival Tips For Your Loved One In Prison

Getting the news that someone you know is in prison can be surprising, sad, stressful, and/or confusing. If someone you know has never served time in prison, then you may already know that having support, helpful knowledge, and coping skills can mean the difference between life and death in various instances and correctional facility settings. 

Cell Block Legendz does not wish for you or your loved one to end up in jail or prison. Nevertheless, we are providing you with these 11 Survival Tips For Your Loved One In Prison, below, that just may help to save your loved one’s life.

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Mandatory Minimum Sentencing And What You Need to Know

Brief Overview of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

Mandatory minimum sentencing, a legal term which according to the definition given by law means an individual condemned of a crime is given a prison sentence for at least a certain period, in contrast to the punishment issued at the discretion of judges.

To clarify a bit more, let’s look at an example; a person who is caught carrying one kilogram or more of cocaine would be put in jail for five years even if a judge feels their sentence should be less.

Mandatory minimum sentencing laws compel judges to give fixed sentences to every convict, regardless of their accountability, answerability and other extenuating factors.

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Proven And Successful Prisoner Rehabilitation And Progress

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As unusual as it may sound, some people view the incarcerated as mere criminals and nothing more. In some countries, prisoners are left on their own to complete their sentences while allowing them no chance at redemption or rehabilitation.

For anyone who is not familiar with the concept of prisoner rehabilitation, they may have never been imprisoned. Let's get some proper insight into what prisoner rehabilitation is.

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10 Revealing Facts That You Should Know About Illegal Drug Offenses

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We live in a prequel society that dates back hundreds or even thousands of years to our ancestors who engaged in a variety of recreational smoking activities. Some of the activities our ancestors did include using certain parts of trees that provided them with relief and ecstasy. 

The concept of drug use is not new but redefined or revolutionized over time. The only difference is all those years earlier we didn't name the substances "cocaine” or “crack" as we do now for the sake of identification and determining the type and length of the sentencing for crack and cocaine drug offenses relating to the Fair Sentencing Act. This Act stems from a widescale drug epidemic in the 1980’s when the federal government waged a war on against drugs and crack and cocaine offenses.

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Snitching – The Forbidden Bad Fruit

“Loose lips sink ships.”

“Snitches get stitches.”

“Stop snitching”       


You may have heard these words at some point in your life. You may even be familiar with what a tattletale is. However, do you know what snitching is? Snitching is an act in where someone provides incriminating information to the police about the criminal activity of others so that the cops show leniency in punishment to the one who provided them with information. This way, the one who provided police with information avoids getting in trouble or gets in less trouble. A person who does this is called a snitch.

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7 Awesome and Interesting Reasons For Writing A Prison Pen Pal

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The world is huge with over 7 billion people living on the planet. Technology such as email and cell phones have made communications very easy.

Who requires more contact than incarcerated prison pen pals? Although inmates cannot have cell phones, they are still human and many of them live in devastating isolation, agony, and loneliness, which is the worst punishment for any human.


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How To Gain Peace When Chaos Goes Bonkers

Summer is approaching. In certain geographical parts, the weather will become more stable and some folks may or may not be complaining (again) about how hot it is or that it’s not hot enough...Antarctica, anybody?

It can get piping hot or frigidly cold where we live in upstate New York. The weather can literally go from a summer-like day to a snowstorm the next depending on where we are in the spring or winter season. 

I am hardly surprised to hear folks who are born and raised in my city complain about hot or cold weather as if they don’t know what to expect every year or that it was coming (Lol). I was already thinking weeks ago about the AC (air conditioner) being ramped up because I know what the weather typically has in store for us during our Rochester summers. It can get very hot.




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How To Quit Lying To Yourself To Mentally Grow

Okay, so you may be reading THIS title and wondering to yourself what in the heck could this blog be about or what is the deal with me being assumed a liar (…the nerve of Cell Block Legendz).

Hold that thought and let me clarify some things up front. No, I am not maliciously calling anyone a liar. It seems like no one likes to be lied to or called out as a liar. I get that.

But, let’s face it. Lying happens and in the interesting world that we live in, it would be safe to say that lies probably happen every day and are a part of life.

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How To Keep Romance Alive After Incarceration

Okay, let’s dive right into the interesting title of this article because some of you may be thinking that it sounds far-fetched on the surface or had to think about it twice. At first glance, the thought of mentioning how to keep romance alive after someone is locked up may sound awkward in the least. Some folks may be thinking, ‘How in the heck are two people going to keep romance alive when one of them is locked up?’ 

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15 Things You Can Do When Someone Gets Arrested

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Your alarm clock goes off at 7:00 AM on a Monday morning and you slowly hit the snooze button a few times to get a little more sleep before you must get up for work. You had a very busy weekend and did not catch up on your sleep. Although you’re tempted to call into work and fake being sick when you wake up, you decide that you’ll postpone that idea for another time (Lol). 


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How To Be Strong For Your Incarcerated Loved One Without Losing Your Mind

Okay, so here we are already one month into the new year and January seems like it has zipped by. Not only does it seem like time flies and does not wait on anyone, but sometimes it seems like time is moving faster.


Whether or not time seems to be moving faster because I am getting older or due to some scientific theory, I can vividly remember turning 14 years old. It doesn’t really seem like it was that long ago and I easily remember when I became a huge Michael Jackson fan (RIP King of Pop).


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Owning A New Year and New Lifestyle!

It’s a new year – 2019 - and for those of us who are blessed, favored, and fortunate enough to have made it, it may feel like another extraordinary opportunity for a fresh start in life and to work toward our goals! 


You may have heard friends, family members, and associates proclaim sayings like:


“New year…new me.”


“My New Year’s resolutions are…” 


“This year, I’m going to….” 


“THIS is going to be my year….” 


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Three Helpful And Undeniable Painful Facts Of Life

There are many debatable outlooks and ways to deal with life and the day-to-day issues that we may experience. For some folks, life is simple and without too many issues and complexities. Regular routines and schedules are adhered to or followed, positive support systems and safety nets are in place to break a fall, and it can seem like some folks live a problem-free life with less chaos and little to no worries. 

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Five Brief And Powerful Reasons To Never Give Up

Life can be a son of a gun and then some! Some folks seem like they have it substantially easier than others and live a problem-free life, but keep in mind that everything is not always what it seems. Some people may just know how to cope with or hide pain and disappointment better. 


Either way, life just doesn’t seem to play fair sometimes no matter how you slice it. Sometimes, you may feel like you have every reason to want to throw in the towel and call it quits, but I encourage you to keep a fire under your derriere (not a literal fire, though (lol)). At times, it may feel like you can’t catch a break if you were wearing a baseball mitt the size of King Kong’s right hand (By the way, I am not sure if King Kong's left or right-handed (lol)). 


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Eternal And Dedicated Lavender Love Forever And A Day

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Thank you for visiting us and welcome to our Cell Block Legendz blog page. We are graciously excited to offer you unique perspectives, feedback, and tips to help you successfully learn about and deal with life and incarceration and life whether you have a loved one who is locked up, has been incarcerated in the past, know someone who has been incarcerated, and/or are just interested in finding out about informative incarceration topics.

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