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Thank you for visiting us and welcome to our Cell Block Legendz blog page. We are graciously excited to offer you unique perspectives, feedback, and tips to help you successfully learn about and deal with life and incarceration and life whether you have a loved one who is locked up, has been incarcerated in the past, know someone who has been incarcerated, and/or are just interested in finding out about informative incarceration topics.

It doesn’t matter if you are on the inside or outside of a correctional facility, the passage of time is something we all have in common, among other things. Time is said to be exponentially more valuable than money and materialism. We can get money back, but we can never get time back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Be diligent in guarding your time. Master time or time will become your master and the wasting of it can create many sorrows and rob you of many valuable years.

Time can be your enemy or friend. I have a saying, “Time is only an enemy when you don’t use it wisely.” So, I would like to give you the wonderful opportunity to begin or continue to produce as many moments of quality time in your life as you can, whether free or incarcerated, to make an impacting difference in your life and the lives of others.

Our Blog And Inspirational Articles Are Our Gifts To You

We feel honored to have a blog and Inspiration page as gifts to you and we share our genuine proclamation that we realize that no one is immune or exempt from life challenges and adversities whether they are free or incarcerated. However, we would like you to know that we are here to do the time with you through our platform, encourage you to be a positive vessel for others, and spread the word.

Let’s kick off our blog platform with me sharing and connecting with you intimately about a story behind the making of our Cell Block Legendz website. Here we go!

Eternal Lavender Love

Our Journey

It’s been quite a ride to put the tedious elements together to arrive at this point where our business and website are legally up and running. I, personally, have worked excruciatingly hard and been challenged by things that were difficult, people who tried to discourage and sabotage me, and personal affairs that tried to get in the way. 

Yet, I decided to keep going and I refuse to ever be bitter. I made the choice to just work on getting better and wiser. I joked with myself and a few others that I had gotten in too deep with extensive research, voluminous business filings, and late night and early morning sacrifices of loss of sleep by frequently staying up all night and not going to bed until after 7:00 AM and getting up around 9:00 or 10:00 AM. 

I sacrificed a personal and social life and overall, have simply invested too much time to turn back and give up. I was simply not going to “play myself” and throw in the towel before I tried to launch Cell Block Legendz (lol). I would consider it to be a victory if I tried and failed BIG while getting better than to not try at all. Plus, I love positively inspiring and changing the lives of others; so in the end, the time, energy, effort, higher cause, and meaning involving you and others are definitely worth it. 

My decision to start Cell Block Legendz is not about winning or negatively competing with anyone. It's about me using my time while I'm here to inspire minds from adversity to success through knowledge, self-awareness, self-discipline, self-empowerment, self-mastery, and strategic actions. 

Some things that took months with the launch of our Cell Block Legendz business and website should have taken weeks and some things that have taken weeks should have taken months. It seemed like I was on a non-stop roller coaster ride to get our Cell Block Legendz website launched and I refused to get off until I could stomach the relentless and steep drops.

One of the most sentimental and treasured moments for me prior to the launch of our Cell Block Legendz website was choosing our crucial website design elements. I definitely have to send a shout out to my website design project manager, design team, and tech support for the initial layout of my website and support. You folks rocked! And, I cannot begin to tell you the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment that I got from uploading products and putting the finishing touches on the content of our website. 

Our Maternal Dedication

All the while, I was encouraged to complete our Cell Block Legendz website in honor of my late mother. On 03/31/2018, my mother died and we buried her on 04/06/2018. 

Before my mother died, I would go to the hospital every day from 03/17/2018-03/31/2018 and during all hours to visit her. One of the last conscious moments my mother had was when she arrived at the hospital before she was told she had to have surgery and I rubbed her feet with lotion and she voiced how great it felt for me to rub her feet.

After my mother’s surgery, she was kept heavily sedated and could not verbally respond, open her eyes, or get up and out of the hospital bed, but the hospital staff said she could hear us talking to her. So, we talked to her every day and she had a lot of visitors, especially toward the end.

One of the things I did while my mom was sedated after her surgery was gently rub her feet with lotion and lavender oil. Lavender oil is soothing and has a pleasant aroma and for me, rubbing my mother’s feet was like spiritually anointing her feet. 

So, if you haven’t noticed by now and take a look at my website, I decided to include the color lavender throughout my website to honor my late mother and the last time she and I spent quality time together where she was conscious and able to enjoy me rubbing her feet before she left this world.


Despite any and everything, the journey that we have walked thus far has been worth the cause. I feel honored to have been born from such a strong, classy, and knowledgeable woman who was a survivor, who beat cancer twice before her death, and I feel blessed to have been by her side during her transition to lavender paradise. Regardless of the outcome or end result of this business endeavor, we eternally dedicate this website in honor of you, Lateene Ann Anderson (12/25/1953 – 03/31/2018). Rest in lavender heaven, mother. We love you eternally!

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